What is hypnobirthing?

So, you may have thoughts of pendulums swinging and being convinced to dance around like a chicken. Well rest assured this isn't the case here!

Hypnobirthing is about getting into a deep state of relaxation, to help open your mind to ideas. To open your mind to birth being an enjoyable experience. To allow you to feel deeply relaxed, yet still totally in control. 

Through hypnobirthing you learn the tools and techniques you need to achieve the birth what you want. And even if the birth doesn't go to plan as you wanted, you will be able to feel confident in yourself, your body and your baby that you can do this!

From first timers who are terrified, to second timers who need the help to overcome their fears of a previous birth, hypnobirthing can help you achieve a calm birth experience. 


What will the course cover?

During the course you will learn:

  • How to achieve a state of relaxation during birth to enable your body to do what it was built to do

  • Breathing techniques for each stage of labour

  • Massage techniques to help you to deeply relax

  • How to replace negative feelings and fears

  • How your body births your baby, so you feel informed and in control

  • Helpful tips for starting labour

  • How to prepare your body for labour

  • How to feel in control of what is happening around you

  • How your birth partner can have a key role, so that you can focus on relaxing

  • Help with detailing your birth preferences

  • What happens immediately after birth


How will it help us?

Through all of these techniques, you will feel totally in control whatever happens. You will know what your body is doing and that you can do this!

Not only this, but your baby will love the times when you are practising your relaxations, as it's a special time for you to bond. And babies who get used to you relaxing during pregnancy often enjoy listening to the tracks once they are born.